Insurance Arbitration


All arbitrations are not same. Selecting knowledgeable, experienced insurance arbitrators is critical if you expect to achieve the intended benefit of the arbitration process – a process that is faster, less costly, more convenient and more private than formal litigation.
Critical to successful dispute resolution are the ethics, fairness and business experience of the insurance mediator or arbitrator(s).
While many disputes are arbitrated pursuant to a voluntary agreement of the rules, most are conducted with reference to arbitration guidelines established by various organizations or by federal or state rules of procedure and evidence.

Insist on Insurance Arbitrators Who Understand Your Issues

Issue-Related Arbitration Experience

Panel members should have more than “legal experience in the insurance industry.” To be effective, insurance arbitrators should have “been there, done that” regarding the specific issues and questions in dispute. Few things are worse than an arbitration panel, or a panel member, that has to be “educated” regarding the details of the issue in dispute. Such a situation leads to loss of respect during the hearing and rancor in panel deliberations.

Qualifications for an Effective Insurance Arbitration Panel Member

With the right kind of insurance background and prior experience in insurance arbitration, the arbitration panel will have the immediate respect of the parties and their attorneys. This is crucial for developing a timely schedule, controlling pre-hearing discovery and conducting an efficient hearing – thereby achieving the expected benefits of a successful arbitration.

Why Choose Moat Associates, LLC for Your Insurance Arbitration Services

Mr. Moat’s arbitration skills have resulted from having been “in the trenches” of the insurance business and having been called upon to resolve a multitude of conflicts and disputes involving insurance personnel and insurance industry custom and practice.
As an insurance arbitrator or mediator, Mr. Moat may be your best choice.

  • A lawyer with years of insurance experience as an agent, company officer and director
  • A man who understands the nuances of insurance terminology, corporate and agency management and the underwriting cycle
  • An experienced insurance arbitrator and mediator, and insurance agency valuation expert.

Mr. Moat’s legal training, extensive insurance company and agency consulting experience and dispute resolution skill combine to give him a noticeable advantage in bringing parties together in the resolution of insurance disputes, in controlling the proceedings and in evaluating the testimony of insurance expert witnesses in arbitrations.

To discuss your insurance arbitration or mediation needs in confidence, call Doug Moat directly at  843.705.2851 or 914.466.3711.
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