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Douglas Moat is an expert insurance agency consultant who has impeccable insurance credentials and extensive trial experience supporting cases involving insurance agency valuation and insurance industry custom and practice. His career spans over 45 years in all aspects of the insurance industry – property, casualty and life as an agent, consultant, insurance company executive and director.

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Selling Your Agency? – Ten Points To Consider

Selling Your Agency? – Ten Points To Consider 1.  Prepare a personal “WISH LIST.” Know why you are selling and what you want.  Don’t be hesitant about being selfish but be prepared to support your wishes. 2.  Recognize that you will need experienced advice. Whatever the size of your agency, you will have technical insurance, [...]

When to Retain Your Insurance Expert Witness

When is the Best Time to Retain Your “Expert”? A critical decision when Insurance Agency Valuation and Insurance Company issues are involved. A recent internet discussion among international attorneys, accountants and experts contributed a number of answers to this question. As one might expect, the predominant answer was, “As Soon As Possible.” While my experience [...]

Due Diligence Process – and the Independent Insurance Agency

In every merger, acquisition or investment transaction due diligence is not just important, it is critical. As a seller anticipate it – your preparation can mean fewer irritations and often increased value. As a buyer, don’t take short cuts – the devil is in the details. Here then are some observations for those undertaking due [...]