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Douglas Moat is an expert insurance agency consultant who has impeccable insurance credentials and extensive trial experience supporting cases involving insurance agency valuation and insurance industry custom and practice. His career spans over 45 years in all aspects of the insurance industry – property, casualty and life as an agent, consultant, insurance company executive and director.

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DOUGLAS C. MOAT B.A., J.D., C.L.U., F.L.M.I. 9 Huquenin Court Bluffton, SC  29909 843.705.2851     914.466.3711 Douglas Moat has over fifty years’ experience in insurance and financial services sales and management including fifteen years years as Founder and CEO, The Manhattan Group, Inc. a private consultant to the insurance industry. Formerly, Senior Vice President, The [...]

Mediation – The Preferred Way To Resolve Many Civil Disputes

Has The Time Come To Stress The Value Of Mediation Over Arbitration? – Two decades ago, the following statement appeared in the Appraisal Journal. “Clogged courts and escalating litigation costs have made arbitration as a solution for civil disputes and claims of conflict more necessary than ever before.”[1] Today, with arbitration clauses routinely included in [...]

The Art Of Writing An Evaluation Report

Why Expert Reports Often Disappoint – While it appears that few valuation reports are denied outright, many are subject to such obvious issues that they fail to be convincing to the court. Too often reports are diminished in their worth for reasons that should have been obvious in peer review, to supporting counsel or any [...]